Tessellations are seen everywhere in real life. These videos are an introduction to what they are, where they are found and how we can create one ourselves. M C Escher is a very famous artist who created amazing images out of a tessellation pattern. Have a look at his awesome work.  Tessellations involve you being mathematical and artistic at the same time! Lets see how creative you can be!

Enviro Week

This week was Enviro week and students participated in specially run activities to teach them about the importance of looking after our environment. Each day had its own purpose: Monday was Biodiversity day, Tuesday was Energy day, Wednesday was whole school Green Day, Thursday was Water day and Friday was waste day. Read the comments to find out about the week and the environmental pledges students have promised to do themselves at home.

If the World were a village of 100 people

This video was created in 2008. It gives you a starting point so you can see how the percentages have changed over a few short years.


This video was created in 2010.


This video was also created in 2010 but presented in another way. Are the percentages the same?

This is the most updated video of the 4. It was created this year. Have a look at all four videos and discuss the differences in statistics over time. Which ones have improved? Which ones have not improved? Your task is to then choose one statistic with a partner and find a way to creatively present the statistic to the class. Make sure no body in the class is doing your statistic. You might need to do extra research to explain the details of your statistic. In the end we will have created a classroom display.

Enviro Week

Enviroweek-2013 from Cool Australia on Vimeo.

In Term One 6OO assisted the school in running our first Earth Hour! All classes had to turn off all their electricity for one hour during the school day. They then did their normal learning but without the use of lights, laptops, iPADS, air conditioners, printers etc. This Term there is Enviro Week. 6OO will again be assisting the school to do another Earth Hour on Tuesday 27th of August. Members of 6OO will be going around to see all the great things happening in the school without electricity between 11:45 and 12:45. All appliances in the school will be switched off! We are looking forward to helping the school make a difference to the environment!

Holi festival in India

As part of our focus on Asia a World of Dfference, we are looking at how they celebrate certain festivals and holidays compared to us here in Australia. This video shows the Holi festival celebrated primarily in India and Nepal, but also celebrated in other parts of the world that have a large Indian population.  It is a celebration of the religion Hinduism.

Your task is to research this festival and find out about this festival and post one fact about its history, meaning or celebration.