Persuasion in movies


Each of these clips shows how persuasion is in almost every movie we see. Do you have any examples of Persuasion in the real world? Share your thoughts and ideas here

9 thoughts on “Persuasion in movies

  1. We have all heard about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, right?
    Well there are lots of different versions about the one story but they all have the same storyline and in the story a lot of persuasion has been said. For example the wolf had to persuade Little Red Riding Hood to go on a different path so he could sneak into her grandma’s house. But that’s not the only time he had to convince Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf also had to convince Red that he was grandma. As well as convincing Red’s grandma that he was Little Red Riding Hood. Throughout the story I noticed a lot of persuasion and the way the wolf convinced everyone was putting on a different voice and making up little lies.

  2. In the Lorax Movie there was another part of persuasion. Ted convinces the people of Thneedville to plant a seed and start fresh instead of buying air . In the end the town agreed and plant lots of trees and O’Hair looses his job.

  3. I have seen a lot of persuasion on t.v lately. There is a channel called “Extra” and it is all about selling and persuasion. For example… ” If you buy the Shark Steam Mop we will give you awesome prices! If you call in the next 10 minutes you will get the Shark Steam Mop for only $19.99! Wow, we have cut down the prices for you! This price is not available in stores! This is our gift to you… we will also give you a 30 day trial and if you don’t like it return it NO QUESTIONS ASKED. So just call the number on the screen… so Gary shall we show the viewers what the Shark Steam Mop can do…” This is some of the many persuasions on this channel.

  4. Every Sunday after half-time at soccer my coach always persuades us to keep on going and never give up to win the match

  5. One of the best movies ever, Aladdin, I what he’d it last night and there was plenty of persuasion used, in the first part princess Jasmine persuaded Aladdin that she was just a regular girl from the streets and was not a princess, jafar persuaded aladdin that he was a hermit in prison and persuaded him to get the lamp in which the jinni was in, Aladdin persuaded jinni to get them out the cave, aboo, the monkey, persuaded a marketer that he did not steal the fruit, Aladdin persuaded carpet to help find the lamp, prince Ali, Aladdin, persuaded princess jasmine that he was a prince,Aladdin persuaded Jafar to become a jinni and trapped him in the lamp,
    Aladdin persuaded jinni that he would set him free, afar used his snake cane to persuade the king to do what he said, jinni persuaded aboo to let jinni turn him into an elephant. As you can see there was a lot of persuasion in the one show of Aladdin and I really enjoyed watching it.

  6. I forgot to mention that everyone persuaded people by changing his voice and personality and jasmine persuaded prince Ali and jafar that she was in love with them. And jinni persuaded everyone in town that prince Ali was a real prince.

  7. As you have seen there is a lot of persuasion in t.v. An example of persuasion is in the movie the bachelor. The lead character goes to many ladies pleading and trying to persuade those lady’s to marry him so he can keep his inherit of $100,000,000. Another part in the movie is when his best friend also try to persuade people by putting an ad in the newspaper.

  8. Something that includes persuasion is the movies called world warZ. This is because in. World warZ the general persuades Brad Pitt to join the army again because he did such a good job when he worked for the army. The general used hand gestures and was explaining how is he didn’t join the army and help get the antidote that the world would end from all the zombies

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