Term 3 in 6OO

Welcome to Term 3! This term is going to be jam packed with lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities and extra curricular activities for us all! In only 3 short weeks we are making our Confirmation which the students have been working towards for a couple of months now. Students have al chosen a Saint of whom they wish to become more like or who they find inspirational for some reason. We will be continuing our Sacramental program by looking at the values that Jesus shared with his people and those most important to us that we may wish to include more in our daily lives.

In Inquiry we are looking at all things ASIA! It is amazing how the countries of Asia are so similar yet so different from Australia and we will be researching how the two are connected. This will teach us about trade, economics and geography, not to mention connecting us to people our own age who are growing up in different Asian countries. Any family members with something to share about their experiences/ knowledge of growing up in Asia are always more that welcome in our classroom. We would love to hear your stories!

To tie in with our Asia topic, we will be mainly focusing on Persuasive texts, beginning with debating and ending up with a travel brochure to an Asian country. There will then be a Travel Expo where parents can come and look at all the amazing work students have been doing in class and be immersed in the colourful world of Asia!

In Numeracy we will be covering all aspects of measurement but focusing on Area, Perimeter and Length where the students will be drawing up their own house plans to scale and then creating a life like version of their house on the 3D world of Google Sketch up. The idea of this assignment is to take mathematics out of the classroom and into the real world while allowing the students to bring their ICT creativity out for people to see. Perhaps our parents/ siblings who are in the building industry could share some of their tips!

Apart from all that exciting learning, we have the Circus to look forward to in week 6 and our new specialist class of Performing Arts which will be occurring weekly. Not to mention all the usual fun that happens in Visual Art, PE and Japanese. All in All, a very busy yet exciting 10 weeks ahead of us. Before we know it the students will be saying goodbye to Primary School altogether!

I look forward to sharing all the great things happening in 6OO with you through this blog! Feel free to comment on the learning throughout the term!

Olivia Abbott


Uniting People to Protect the Planet

This video gives you an example of “People Power” at its very best. It makes you think what we could achieve if everybody joined the cause. Use the link to explore the Earth Hour Website and discuss with your family how you could make a difference. In class we will be discussing how the difference made can be increased if more and more people fight for what they believe in. What other examples of People Power can you think of that are happening all over the world today?

European Colonisation

This clip will teach you about the first Australians and the first time the British Stepped foot on our country. How did the aboriginal people feel when they saw these foreign things arrive on their land?

How would the English people on board have felt after finally arriving to their new home?

Complete an “I think, I feel, I wonder” statement as if you were an Englishman or an Aboriginal during this time. Post your thoughts below.